Urban Blues- A Poem

In this urbane nest you dwell:

Amidst the skyscrapers, where live in the sun tan fearing population, do you see
The bricks moulded by those rusty hands ,
Of the sun-scorched migrants
Blackened by the chimney exhaust?

On the hoardings, do you see
A dejected young man
Drooping on his table, the pills spread out?
The creative loner drugging to spark ideas in absence of sleep,
For a presentation next week?

Of the cars that glides smooth
Do you see that solemn driver
Marred by the uncomfortable silence
Of the fatigued couple, entangled in a nasty, felonious fight of a young girl suddenly coming
In-between their 25 years?

On the driver’s side,
His thoughts tossed by the loss of the education he couldn’t complete?Dampened by the happiness
To his family he couldn’t give?

In the young boy slumbering uncomfortably under the buildings,
As the drain stinked the humid air,
While he
Drowned in his own sweat and tears; And, the sweltering heat,
Do you see the A.C water dripping
Near his feet?

If not,
You, my sweetheart,
The happiest dandy rose of all,
Are sure tucked in your urban nest.

Living as anybody wanting to.

As they struggle like nobody wishing to.


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16 thoughts on “Urban Blues- A Poem”

  1. Such a beautiful poem. I have personally taken the little things for granted until I started realize how much people suffer to devour this little thing. We are all fighting our own battles, we just need to show empathy and kindness. Thanks for showing yours. 🙂

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    1. Yes, I just realised cities are a web of classism laid out so clearly, and thus noted the poem down. Sometimes, we are the ones being the privileged, sometimes not.

      Thank you, Karthikeyan for taking the time to read through it. Appreciated 🤗

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