Dear Winter

Fluffy woollen clothes, legs on the sill, sipping hot chocolate with a book as an everlasting companion seem a familiar sight, right?

No, Winter. That’s a propagnda of yours to make me enjoy your time when in reality you make me curl up underneath a warm blanket, ardently whispering to my brain, ‘No need to bathe today’ while the chapped lips beg and cry for moisture, “Couldn’t you put some Vaseline on me?”

But wait, ’tis the season of celebrations and merriment. From Christmas to New Year, from…yeah, that’s it.

You really need to create a list of celebrations. What more festivals have you got in your kitty? Or have you run out of your ideas?

I’m so done with you, Winter.

Dear Sun God, show your wrath, make me go to the bathroom ’cause I stink even in winters, make me shampoo my hair beacuse the scalp is scrappy and the dandruff is snowing on my shoulders, make me warm because I have to stick my butt on the chair in this exam season.

And now you, dear Winter, go away. Let the Sun God show its A game.

Alright, ok. It’s not a change of heart but I have a feeling you should stay for a bit now because, dear hopeless winter, I have no expectations that you’ll ever change but right now, as you’ve got the faint idea from your late arrival, climate is definitely changing.

Utmost Reality
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