Some teeny-tiny stories

◆ “Thanks, Mom and Dad for being in my hard times…but, the pressure can’t be handled anymore. I am exhausted from life,” read his suicide note.

◆”You are boring. At least, you could try to make me happy,” she screamed out loud, smashing the vase right behind him, on the whitewashed wall. “Honey, you have to understand that that diamond ring is out of my budget, out of my boun…” Yet, the words never reached her ears because she was out of his life anyway.

◆”And, you little naughty brat, why were you causing a disrupt when the national anthem was being sung?” the Principal asked rather strictly. The little boy quivered, with tear-filled eyes, trying to grasp the little amount of air he could, “Ma’am, I just couldn’t control my pee.”

◆I knew there was a spectre gliding along the walls of the caves, a bunch of glimmering threads. It’s only the very next day that I learnt about that little glow worms who scared the daylights out of me.

◆The reporter jostled and pushed to shove the mic right on his face to make the headlines by daybreak. And she did. “Hey, Cuban, how did you feel climbing the Everest?” After a long pause, Jade replied, “Well, I definitely knew that I was on top of the world.”


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