Potter Craze

I recently forayed into the mystical world of Hogwarts -the best institute to master Witchcraft and Wizardry- and such an inclination to complete the series has bloomed inside that I find little time to study school books.

But all for the best, Harry Potter is really enthralling and intriguing that captivates all my attention. I was and am very much aware of the Potter Craze all around, but dissuaded myself thinking it to be a teenage fad that will soon fade, all to be proved wrong now.

I was not at all aware about anything about this magical world conjured up by Rowling, and now it’s quite hard to stop rifling through the pages. Unfortunately, I do not own any Potter books. My faithful friend happened to lend it to me. All thanks to him that I too can consider myself a Potterhead now ;). It was simply a resolution to complete the series by 2020, and I am very grateful to an English teacher who incented this desire in me to learn about magic and English, both hand in hand.

Well, now, I find myself very much alike with Hermione Granger with a bit of slyness from Draco Malfoy. I have no idea about which house the Sorting Hat will choose for me but I believe that I would either belong to Gryffindor or Slytherin. Just because You-know-who came from the Slytherin house cannot veneer the fact that the Slytherin house, too, has its share of the Hogwarts’ pride.

Well, I recently took a test on Internet and it had an anticipated but a bit surprising result. The website described how my ‘shrewdness and work ethics are highly valued in the Slytherin House!‘ Whereas the Griffindor House is my last option. And if that is so…then I don’t mind considering myself evil!

Well, folks, maybe BEWARE of me!